Reseller platform

Can't make it to the event anymore? Sell your tickets 100% safely via the Dance2Eden Resale Platform!

To make sure everyone has a valid ticket when entering our events, you can now sell your tickets 100% safely via our official Resale Platform, click hier. The ticket is automatically given a new barcode when sold, and the platform is monitored by us on a daily basis. This makes it the safest way to sell your ticket, while preventing illegal resale and disspointments at the door.

- Official ticket sales
- 100% secure payment
- Monitored daily
- Anti black market
- Support for buyers and sellers

Buy tickets

If you want to buy a ticket through our resale platform, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Create a resale account via our resale page of the event
  2. Then select one of the available tickets for sale
  3. Enter your payment details and buy the ticket of your choice
  4. You will then receive a confirmation and/or personalization email

Sell tickets

  1. Via the confirmation email of your purchase you can go to your own ticket environment in Paylogic
  2. Then click on manage order ? resale ? sell your ticket
  3. You can then click on the ticket you want
  4. Determine the price
  5. Make someone else happy with the ticket!
  6. You will receive the money in your account within a few working days

Personalization tickets

This is the same as with a regular purchase.
If you buy a ticket via the resale platform, you will also receive a confirmation email in which you can personalize your ticket.

When will you receive your tickets?

On the page of your order you can manage the tickets you have bought. These are usually available for download the night before the event. You will receive an email from Paylogic about this.

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