Titanium Festival

za 14 mei 2022 , Recreatieterrein Middelwaard, Vianen

Titanium Festival

This is the Titanium Festival 2022 official Lineup!
100% Hardcore | 8 areas | 100+ artists & live acts 
From the massive Early Hardcore tunnel rave by Ghosttown to the brand-new uptempo battle area: join us May 14th at the very first 100% Hardcore festival of the year! Get your tickets NOW at titaniumfestival.com/tickets

TITANIUM - Mainstage (by BKJN Events)
Angerfist LIVE - BillX - D-Fence vs. Angernoizer - Deadly Guns - Dr. Peacock - Frenchcore Familia - Hard Effectz - Irradiate LIVE - Miss K8 vs. AniMe - N-Vitral vs. Dither - Offensive Rage LIVE - Partyraiser vs. Paul Elstak - Scarphase LIVE - Da Mouth of Madness

CONCRETE - Early hardcore (by Ghosttown)
Chosen Few - Darkraver & Vince - DJ The Prophet - Frantic Freak - Marc Acardipane AKA Marshall Masters - MD&A – Promo - Public Domain - Rave Generators - Ruffneck - Sequence & Ominous - Mc Axys

STEEL - Uptempo solo´s - (by Beter kom je niet)
Bulletproof - Chaotic Hostility - Cryogenic - Dimitri K - Lunatic - Major Conspiracy - Noxiouz - Røza - Soulblast - System Overload - The Dark Horror – Trespassed - The Dope Doctor LIVE ft. Mc Robs - Vandal!sm - Mc RG

LIQUID - Frenchcore - (by Vive la frenchcore)
Dr. Peacock vs. The Sickest Squad - D-Frek LIVE – Deathroar - Doris - Floxytek - Hungry Beats - Le Bask – Maissouille - Mr. Ivex - Sinister Seven - Sprinky & Hyrule War - The Speed Freak - Mc No-ID

COPPER - Oldschool & Rave (by Dance 2 Eden)
Armand - Bass-D - Franky Jones – Panic – Pavo - Rob & Mc Joe (3 Hour Set) - Stanton - Mc Apster

ASPHALT - Uptempo battles (by Beter kom je niet)
Angernoizer vs. Spitnoise vs. Vandal!sm - Dimitri K vs. Røza - F. NøIzE vs. Mind Compressor vs. Hard Effectz – Jur Terreur vs. TukkerTempo - Lady Dammage vs. MBK - R3T3P vs. YunKe - System Overload vs. Insane S - The Dark Horror vs. Soulblast vs. Abaddon - Unproven vs. Hatred AKA ProvenHate - Mc Mic

Yellow Submarine - Terror & speedcore (by Ti Ta Terror)
Angernoizer - Dr. Peacock - Hard Infantry - Little Terror Man - TerrorClown – The - Vizitor – Vageman

Diamond upgade area - Multistyles (by Titanium)
Secret area with a secret line-up

Tickets for Titanium Festival are not for sale anymore

Titanium Festival moved to 2022

Not entirely unexpected but not less disappointing, we unfortunately have to inform you that this year Titanium Festival cannot take place on the planned date. The new date will be Saturday May 14th, 2022.

To ease the pain, a Titanium Festival livestream will be broadcast on Saturday, May 8th 2021.

We hope everyone will continue to support us like last year and keep their ticket for the new date. Just like last year, the tickets already purchased are automatically upgraded to a special Diamond status. What this exactly will mean remains a secret for a while, but it will include a whole new Area. This Area has it’s own line-up that only visitors with a Diamond status upgrade have access to. But there is much more news to come, which promises to make Titanium Festival 2022 the biggest and coolest edition ever.

More information about the new edition of Titanium Festival will be online soon! The ticket sale remains open until we are sold-out.

On behalf of Titanium Festival we would like to thank everyone for all the support, the many messages, the patience and all your enthusiasm. What a beautiful and loving people we gabbers are.

Hardcore will never Die!

Titanium Festival

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Wat zijn de regels rondom Covid?

Om toegang te krijgen tot dit event moet je kunnen aantonen dat je ofwel volledig bent gevaccineerd, ofwel negatief bent getest binnen 24 uur voor het event, ofwel in de afgelopen 6 maanden bent genezen van Covid-19.
Neem het bewijs in de vorm van een QR code / Coronacheck app samen met je ID mee naar het event. Dit wordt gescand bij de ingang.
Voor het maken van een testafspraak kun je terecht bij www.testenvoortoegang.nl. Alleen tests gemaakt via deze website zijn geldig.
Kijk voor meer informatie op www.coronacheck.nl.


To gain access to this event, you’ll have to proof that you are fully vaccinated, have been tested negatively within 24 hours before the event, or have cured from Covid-19 in the last 180 days. Bring this proof as a QR code from the official coronacheck app, together with your ID to the event. It will be scanned at the entrance. To make an appointment for a test, please visit www.testenvoortoegang.nl, or the local official testing area in your country of residence. Only official tests are valid. For more information, please check www.coronacheck.nl.

Ik heb nog een ticket voor de afgelaste versie van Ghosttown. Moet ik iets doen?

Je ticket voor een van de voorgaande geplande edities van Ghosttown - The Final Central Studios Edition is geldig voor dit event, je hoeft niets om te zetten.

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