Line-up release Ghosttown | The darkness of the night

Line-up release Ghosttown | The darkness of the night

POSTED: 08-09-2022

On November 5th, Ghosttown will enter the darkness of the night once more in Central Studios Utrecht.

By the amount of Early Ghost tickets you’ve already secured, we can tell that you’ve been very eager to enter the holy grounds one more time!

But for now, of course, you first want to know the line-up. Good news, the wait is over! We proudly present our heroes of this night edition of Ghosttown:

  • The Prophet
  • Rob Gee
  • Bass-D
  • Painbringer
  • Rob & MC Joe
  • Panic
  • MD&A
  • The Resonant Squad
  • Buzz Fuzz
  • Potato
  • Yves
  • Peckerhead
  • The Raver
  • Stanton
  • NoXa
  • Chucky (Spain)
  • Amon-Ra
  • Reza
  • Armand
  • Lead
  • Kaycie
  • DJ Graat
  • MC Da Mouth Of Madness
  • MC Joe
  • MC-B
  • MC M-Core

Like each Central Studios edition, the artists will play in one of our three areas: 100% early hardcore at the mainstage, oldschool and early rave in the Oldschool Gangsters hall, and strictly 185 BPM+ early hardcore in The Freak Room. The who & where will be announced at a later moment.

If you did not acquire your ticket yet, we advise you to do so asap, as we expect this presumably last Central Studios hardcore event to be sold out in advance again. Rush to and get yours for only € 30,- (ex. fee)!

After a long hot summer in the sun, we can’t wait to meet you all finally in the darkness of the night!

Ghosttown | The darkness of the night
5 November 2022 22:00 - 06:00
Central Studios Utrecht


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